Administrative enforcement is an important component of Chinese IP protection. We enforce over a thousand cases each year on trademark, patent, copyright and unfair competition. Particularly in trademark area, we are experienced in working with numerous agencies under the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (AICs). We also have extensive experience working with customs, local IP offices, food and drug regulator and other authorities for protecting client IP rights. In many of our cases, we were successful in coordinating administrative and judicial enforcement to eliminate infringer’s network and to obtain damages. Our enforcement and litigation practice frequently work together to serve the purpose of rapid strike and physical evidence gathering.

Obtaining evidence for enforcement is often a challenge in China. To support our litigation and enforcement services, we have a team of professional investigators and an extensive network of investigation for evidence gathering. We have had experience in obtaining difficult physical evidence for our clients. We are also experienced in dealing with technical evidence and electronic evidence and working with third party experts, such as technical appraisal and electronic evidence experts, to address the most challenging evidence issues.