Li Xiaolian Trademark Counsel

Personal description

LI Xiaolian is a trademark counsel based in the firm's Beijing and Tianjin office, where she has started practice since 2008. Before joining in the firm, she used to serve a Taiwan IP law firm.


Xiaolian’s practice focuses on trademark prosecution and protection, encompassing trademark application, review, opposition, dispute, cancellation, trademark use/infringement investigation, administrative litigation, among others. She frequently advises clients on the strategies for obtaining and enforcing trademark rights in China.


Xiaolian has helped clients like SEB, CHIVAS, General Mills, ESSILOR, SYNGENTA and UFH in obtaining favorable decisions in the cases involving their most important trademarks and classes.


Her track records including helping SEB maintain the registration of a key trademark in the trademark review of cancellation proceeding by successfully persuading the CNIPA to recognize the trademark use in OEM context and obtaining well-known trademark recognition for the UFH and ESSILOR through judicial route.

Education and Professional Training

LLB., Minzu University of China

B.A., Minzu University of China