Mao Miaoli Partner

Personal description

Mao Miaoli is a Partner and an Attorney-at-law based in the firm's Ningbo Office, where she has been practising since 2004.

Miaoli’s practice encompasses the affirmation, enforcement and litigation of intellectual property rights, with a focus on the administrative enforcement and judicial protection involving trademarks, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property related matters.

By leveraging her deep understanding of China’s intellectual property legal framework and practice, Miaoli is capable of formulating and executing tailored brand enforcement strategies for the clients. She also has abundant experience in customs border protection, trademark infringement and unfair competition disputes. With her skillset being honed over the years, Miaoli has advised a slew of conglomerates both at home and abroad.

Over the years, Miaoli has handled, among others, hundreds of civil and criminal cases pertaining to patent infringement, trademark counterfeiting and infringement, many of which have been covered by local or national media.

Education and Professional Training

LL.B, Zhejiang University

Membership & Qualification

China Bar