Hu Wenming Partner

Personal description

Hu Wenming is a Partner at Wanhuida Intellectual Property. He is a Senior IPR Counsel, one of the first certified trademark attorneys in China and a senior IPR practitioner.

Mr. Hu graduated from Hangzhou University with a degree in business management. He received the professional training in intellectual property in an American law firm Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP in 1994.

Mr. Hu used to work for Wenzhou AIC since 1983, subsequently in the capacity of Director of Wenzhou Municipal Trademark Agency (part of Wenzhou AIC), Deputy Section Chief of Trademark Administration Section, Section Chief of Foreign Investment Section and Regulation Section of Wenzhou AIC, as well as Director General of the AIC branches at the county and district level affiliated to Wenzhou AIC. During his tenure of office at Wenzhou Municipal Trademark Agency, the agency was awarded “National Top Ten Trademark Agencies”. Mr. Hu won the honor “Leading Individual in the Nationwide Special Campaign of Combating against IPR Infringement and Distribution & Manufacture of Counterfeit and Shoddy Goods Initiated by the SAIC” in 2011 as a commend of his extraordinary work.

Mr. Hu has work experience in both Wenzhou Municipal AIC Bureau and the grass-root AIC branches. He used to contribute to the revision of China Trademark Law and the research of high-profile IPR cases. He used to be the member of China Intellectual Property Society (CIPS).

Mr. Hu has profound understanding of issues relating to trademark practice, business registration, IPR protection, unfair competition as well as trade secret. He has been maintaining close attention on the theoretical and practical evolvement of the industry. He has published quite a few articles in the IPR professional journals. His articles “Some Thoughts on Issues Relating to Outsourcing and OEM” and “Second Thoughts on Issues Relating to Outsourcing and OEM” has made accurate prediction of the development of the industry, which are quite influential in the IPR circle.