Johnson Li Senior Partner

Personal description

Johnson Li joined Wanhuida Peksung IP Group as a Senior Partner on January 1, 2018. Johnson is qualified both as attorney-at-law and patent attorney in China. His practice focuses on litigating intellectual property disputes, advising on patent invalidation and licensing matters, managing IP portfolio as well as planning and executing IP-related protection, defense and enforcement strategy. Johnson used to work with the China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. for more than 15 years, leading the litigation department and trademark department for a few years. He has represented various industrial leaders and multinational corporations such as Ericsson, Intel, Carrier and Otis, as well as many other renowned names in different technical fields. His most active industry sectors include telecommunication, semiconductor, software, automobile, medical device, material, air-conditioning, textile, electric appliance, safety equipment and commodities. A select list of Johnson’s work includes: ● Leading a team of lawyers and attorneys in formulating and executing strategies for a leading telecommunication player, in dozens of litigation and invalidation cases and advising this client in the capacity of lead counsel in over 20 cases. ● Providing comprehensive legal solutions to a European supplier of safety products in matters covering patent and trademark infringement litigation, customs interception, patent invalidation, online infringement control and market watch, obtaining over 6 million damages for such client in one single case, and using the joint measures of customs interception and patent infringement litigation in another case to aggressively enforce client’s patent (a case selected as a typical case of 2016 by Tianjin courts). ● Defending the patent validity of a famous electric connector manufacturer in an appeal case against the first instance judgment and the invalidation decision of Patent Reexamination Board, reversing the unfavorable decision (a case selected as a typical case of 2014 by the Supreme Court). A list of publications Johnson authors or co-authors includes: Books: ● Doing Business in China, Co-author, Juris Publishing, Inc., 2017 ● China Chapter, WTR Year Book 2016/2017, Co-author, World Trademark Review, 2016 ● Doing Business in China, Co-author, Juris Publishing, Inc., 2015 ● Patent Infringement and Litigation, Co-author, Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd., 2013 ● Intellectual Property Law of China, Co-author, Juris Publishing, Inc., 2011 ● Doing Business in China, Co-author, Juris Publishing, Inc., 2010 ● 100 High-profile IP Cases in China, Co-author, China Patents and Trademarks Publications Office (H.K.), 2009 Articles: ● "Trademark practice: Brand creation and protection", Co-author, World Trademark Review, 2017 ● "Probing into Practice Relevant to Implied Patent License in China", Co-author, China Patents and Trademarks, 2014 ● "A Study on Amendment to Markush Claims in Invalidation Proceedings", Co-author, China Patents and Trademarks, 2014 ● "Dilemma with Patent Protection of Software Modules in China", Co-author, China Patents and Trademarks, 2014 ● “The importance of being prepared”, Author, Managing IP, 2011 ● “Service Inventor Reward and Remuneration System and Its Implement”, Co-author, China Patents and Trademarks, 2011 ● “China Customs’ Protection of Intellectual Property Right”, Author, Managing IP, 2010 ● “Latest Developments in Application of ‘Cessation of Infringement’ as Remedy against Patent Infringement”, Co-author, China Patents and Trademarks, 2010 ● “Comments on the Supreme Court’s recent judicial interpretation concerning patent infringement lawsuits”, Co-author, China Patents and Trademarks, 2009 ● “Theory and Practice Related to Patent Infringement Damages”, Co-author, China Patents and Trademarks, 2009 Johnson has been elected a few years in a row as an IP star by Managing IP and a Leading Lawyer by Chambers & Partners. He is also nominated as Asia IP Expert by Asia IP.

Education & Professional Training

● LL.B, Intellectual Property Law, Peking University
● B.S, Electromechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology
● Training program on patent litigation and licensing at BSKB
● Training program on US trademark law at BSKB

Membership & Qualification

● Qualification of Chinese Patent Attorney
● Qualification of Chinese Lawyer

Membership & Qualification