Zhang Weijun Of Counsel

Personal description

Professor Dr. Zhang Weijun is the Dean of Research Center of IP Law and Competition Law in Tongji University and Of Counsel of WAN HUI DA. He concurrently holds the positions including Council Member of China IP Law Society, Secretary General of IP Research Society under Shanghai Law Society, Executive Director of Competition Law Research Society under Shanghai Law Society, Expert Mediator of Shanghai Copyright Dispute Mediation Center and Arbitrator of Qingdao Arbitration Commission.

Dr. Zhang is listed as the first batch of National “Hundreds of High-level IP Talents” (2007), Member of National IP Strategy Expert Tank (2011) and the first batch of National IP Leading Talents (2012).

Dr. Zhang’s professional specialties are IP law, IP authorization, anti-monopoly, etc. He has taken lead in research projects including “Research on IP Infringement Remedy System under ACTA Background” held by Ministry of Education; “Research on IP Problems in Corporate Merger and Acquisition”, “Foreign IP Environment: Research on Foreign-related IP Dispute Cases in Japan”, “Research on IP Talents System Development” and “Research on Progress and Competition of European Unitary Patent” held by State Intellectual Property Office; and “Research on Karaoke Copyright Problems” held by Shanghai Entertainment Industry Association.

Dr. Zhang has been in charge of research projects including “Research on Patent Compulsory Licensing System” held by State Intellectual Property Office during the third amendment of the Patent Law and the Implementing Regulations for the Patent Law, and “Research on Contents of Copyrights” and “Research on Contents of Neighboring Rights” held by National Copyright Administration during the second amendment of the Copyright Law. He also participated in “Research on the Evaluation of China IP System’s Contribution to the Economic Growth and its Optimization within the TRIPs Framework” held by National Natural Science Foundation.

Dr. Zhang has published 50 plus treatise in prestigious newspapers and periodicals such as Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A., IIC, Intellectual Property, Electronics Intellectual Property, China Trademark, China Intellectual Property and China Intellectual Property News. He has contributed to the publications as follows:

1. Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Dutch, English and German Civil Procedure (Translator, The Commercial Press, 2015);

2. Research on Legal Regulation upon the Abuse of Intellectual Property Right (Author, Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2008);

3. Research on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Column 2 (Chief Editor, Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2014);

4. Research on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Column 1 (Chief Editor, Law Press, 2012);

5. Intellectual Property Rights Basics (Co-author, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2013);

6. IP Management Manual Book for Medium-sized and Small Enterprises (Co-author, Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2012);

7. Overview of Intellectual Property Rights (Co-author, Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2004).