Wang Jing Partner

Personal description

Wang Jing is a partner at Wanhuida Intellectual Property. Jing graduated from Yunnan University and has practiced in the field of intellectual property since 2003. As a major founder of the Yunnan Trademark Association, Jing serves the association in the capacity of vice president. She is concurrently vice president of the Yunnan Advertisement Association.

Jing has guided a highly capable team in obtaining quite a few landmark IPR decisions in Yunnan Province. In 2016, she was honored “Trademark Leading Individual of the Year” by the China Trademark Association.

Jing’s practice mainly concentrates on trademark prosecution and dispute resolution, with a focus on geographical indications. She has been serving local governments and businesses in building and managing their trademark portfolio.

She has obtained for her clients well-known trademark recognition in 100+ cases and registered some 100 geographical indication certification marks for local governments and industry associations. She has also succeeded in obtaining the Madrid International registration for Wenshan Pseudo-ginseng certification trademark.

Jing has been a long-term trademark counsel to local giants including Yunnan Baiyao, Menghai Tea, Wenshan Pseudo-ginseng, Yunnan Copper, Fengqing Dianhong (Yunnan black tea), among others.