Zhou Suiming Partner

Personal description

Zhou Suiming is a partner at Wanhuida Intellectual Property. He is the vice secretary general of Yunnan Trademark Association.


Suiming’s practice primarily focuses on trademark prosecution. He has a niche in filing, enforcing and training geographical indications.


Suiming has been instrumental in the registration of some 200 geographical indication certification trademarks, covering produce like tea, grain & oil, poultry, fruit and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, as well as intangible cultural heritage including pottery and jade sculpture. He has helped the local governments and industry associations in Guangdong, Yunnan and Hainan Provinces register their first geographical indication certification trademarks.


He also leads a team of veteran trademark attorneys in obtaining well-known trademark status for some geographical indication certification trademarks including Wenshan Pseudo-ginseng, Menghai Tea, Fuyuan Konjak, Dayao Walnut and Fuyuan Dahe Blackevilboar.