Feb 18,2020

WTR Ranks Wanhuida in 2020

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In the 2020 edition of the World Trademark Review 1000 - The World's Leading Trademark Professionals, Wanhuida Intellectual Property has been rated in the Gold Band as a top PRC firm for both the "Prosecution and Strategy" and "Enforcement and Litigation" category.


According to the World Trademark Review 1000 2020, which was published in February 2020, Wanhuida is a firm “sitting comfortably at the apex of the Chinese market” and a “go-to trademark firm in China” of foreign associates for its “open and honest communication, high efficiency and good service, as well as proactive work attitude”. Peers attest that the group has some of the best practices in the trademark industry.


Lauded for the extraordinary ability and level of expertise, the firm's Founding Partner and Management Committee Chair Bai Gang is ranked by WTR as a recommended individual. Partner and Management Committee Member Dr. Huang Hui also receives individual honor from WTR for his “good reputation and doctorate in trademark law”. Other recommended individuals within the firm include two other partners and Management Committee Members Jason Yao and Jack Su. With “the ability to handle multitasking, work under great pressure and provide precise, tailored advice”, Jason Yao“very much impresses” with his “professional skills and positive attitude”. WTR editorial commends the role Jack Su had played in a landmark case which saw the Supreme Court distinguishes the extension of good will from the extension of trademark registration.


The WTR 1000 is the definitive guide exclusively dedicated to identifying the world's leading trademark legal services providers. This year's publication features more than 80 key jurisdictions globally, analysing local trademark legal services markets and profiling the firms and individuals singled out as leaders in their respective fields. Individual practitioners, law firms and trademark attorney practices qualify for inclusion in the WTR 1000 on receiving sufficient positive feedback from market sources. To allow for easy navigation, the results are presented in bands - gold, silver and bronze - to reflect the depth of expertise, market presence and level of work on which firms are typically instructed, alongside positive peer and client feedback.