May 27,2020

Wanhuida Partner speaks at China Law, Trade and IP 2020

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The Asia IP & Technology Law Project of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology offers a unique forum for Asian and American companies, law firms, academics, trade associations, and government officials to learn about developments in IP law on both sides of the Pacific, develop deeper knowledge on issues of common concern, and bring data-driven insight into the complex IP landscape in China and other Asian venues.

Beginning May 27, 2020, the Asia IP and Technology Law Project presents series of seven webinars covering developments in Chinese law on important topics including patentability, pharmaceutical IP, trade secrets law and enforcement, licensing and antitrust, and copyright, to keep the attendees abreast of key developments spurred by the trade wars and internal drivers of law reform in China.

Session 5, which features “Abusive Trademark Registrations”, is held on June 24, 2020. Speakers introduce the problem of abusive trademark registration in China and the steps being taken to address it within the context of China’s ‘first to file’ regime, including reforms required by the “Phase 1” Trade Agreement.

This panel consists of leading authorities from the Chinese and US trademark offices, as well as practitioners. Lei Yongjian, Partner of Wanhuida Intellectual Property speaks on “Several Issues We Should Know in the Battle against Bad-Faith Trademarks in China”. Fellow speakers include Zheng Haiyan, China National IP Administration, Michael Mangelson, USPTO and Ping Chu, Nike China. Prof. Eric Priest, University of Oregon serves as the moderator of the session.