Oct 27,2021

Wanhuida Partners speak at Berkeley Law webinars

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From October 6 until December 1, 2021, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology presents its second virtual series of webinars themed “China Law, Trade and IP 2021”. The focus of this year’s series is on IP enforcement in China.

The program covers all aspects of IP-related enforcement in China, including such topics as civil, criminal and administrative litigation, trademark squatting and platform liability, recent changes to laws and practices, litigation involving China overseas, strategies for managing an IP enforcement campaigns in China, and risks of having legal or extra-legal measures taken against attorneys or their clients.

The webinar attracts heavyweight speakers including judges from Germany, UK and the US. Other notable speakers include two former directors of the USPTO, as well as several current and former senior government officials, professors and prominent attorneys and experts.

The event features four sessions, including: “Where, When and How to Litigate in China”, “Using China’s Multi-Track System: Criminal, Civil and Administrative Infringement Litigation”, “Trade-Related Impacts – Improvements and New Challenges” as well as “China’s Role in a Global IP Strategy”.

On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, Lei Yongjian, Partner of Wanhuida Intellectual Property speaks on “Using China's Multi-Track System to Curb Bad-faith Trademarks” at “Session 2: Using China’s Multi-Track System: Criminal, Civil and Administrative Infringement Litigation”. The session is moderated by Cynthia Tregillis, Western Digital and Kurtis MacFerrin, Google.

Lei Yongjian (Second speaker, from top to bottom)

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, Feng (Janet) Zheng serves as a panelist in “Panel 1: Trade-Related IP Developments, Including Impact of the Phase 1 Trade Agreement” of “Session 3: Trade-Related Impacts – Improvements and New Challenges”. Janet’s presentation focuses on “New Development on Damages for IP Infringement in China”. The Panel is moderated by James Pooley, James Pooley PLC.

Feng (Janet) Zheng (Second speaker, from top to bottom)