Feb 18,2020

Wanhuida donates much needed medical supplies to Wuhan hospitals

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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been raging throughout China with Wuhan at its epicenter. China is mobilizing all hospitals and medical staff to fight the pandemic. Doctors and nurses battling the virus on the front line are in dire need of hazmat suits, goggles, masks and other protective gears, which is in short supply.


Answering the calling of devotion, Wanhuida Intellectual Property just ran a three-day fundraising drive, February 10 to 12, and raised over two million RMB, one million from our employees and one million from the firm to buy the much needed medical supplies for Wuhan hospitals.


With great efforts of our employees, the raised funds are being promptly dispensed for procuring protective gears and medical supplies, which are on their way to Wuhan – the center of the pandemic.


The first batch had arrived at Wuhan, 9:24 pm last night, in the hand of the Central Zone General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It includes 5,000 hazmat suits and 50,000 protective masks. More are on their way.


Our hearts go out to all the patients and medical professionals bravely fighting the disease. Our effort continues.