Jul 08,2022

Wanhuida wins double accolades

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In July 2022, IPHOUSE, a leading innovative and compliance data and information provider, jointly launches with IPLEAD, an original new media service platform dedicated to offering IP solutions to innovation and integration, the list of winners of its “Top 10 Outstanding China IP Agencies (2020 - 2021) and “Top 50 Outstanding China IP Service Providers (2020 - 2021).

Wanhuida Law Firm and Wanhuida IP Agency, two entities affiliated to Wanhuida Intellectual Property, are selected to be included in the “Outstanding China IP Agencies: Top 10 Performers in Trademark Administrative Field (2020 - 2021) and “Top 50 Outstanding China IP Service Providers (2020 - 2021).

The winners of the “Top 10 Outstanding China IP Agencies (2020 - 2021)are selected from over 400 IP firms and agencies signed up for a comprehensive survey. A panel of judges assess the participants based on the litigation data provided by IPHOUSE over the court decisions and verdicts of concluded IP cases from a time span of 1st January 2020 - 31st December 2021, by taking into account multi-dimensional factors like level of adjudicating courts, type of case, winning rate, maximum monetary amount claimed, number of ranked cases, among others.

The winners of the “Top 50 Outstanding China IP Service Providers (2020 - 2021) are selected by a panel of judges from a slew of top-performing IP service providers based on the number of trademark and patent prosecution cases they handled, in combination with the rate of success, clientele and performance in re-examination and invalidity procedures.