Oct 21,2022

Wanhuida Senior Associate speaks at copyright training session in Shenzhen

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On 21st October 2022, under the auspices of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office, the “Training Session on Corporate Utilisation of Copyrighted Software in Shenzhen”, which is organized by Shenzhen Copyright Society, is held virtually.

The training session features three speakers, including Yu Chunhui, ex- Presiding Judge of Shenzhen Intermediate Court, IP Tribunal, Long Yuxuan, Senior Engineer of Guangdong Province Traffic Group Information Center, and Zhou Bin, Senior Associate of Wanhuida Intellectual Property.

Zhou Bin speaks in her capacity of member of the Shenzhen Municipal Intellectual Property Think Tank. Themed “Software Compliance & Coping with Litigation Risks”, her presentation analyses exemplary cases on software copyright infringement, elucidates the circumstances that constitute copyright infringement and the civil, administrative and criminal liabilities the users of uncopyrighted software are subject to shoulder. She also offers practical tips on how to respond to cease & desist letters and infringement suits.

The virtual event attracts over 200 attendees from Shenzhen state-owned companies, financial institutions, major players in the energy, healthcare, education and transportation industry, among others.

Zhou Bin