Dec 18,2018

Wanhuida Expands its Shanghai Office

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On 18th December 2018, Wanhuida inaugurates its newly renovated Shanghai Office. The firm’s Shanghai Office expands its office space from 510 square meters (5,490 square feet) to a total of 731 square meters (7,868 square feet) after renting and finished the renovation of a recently vacated neighboring office space at Grand Gateway, Shanghai.

The firm’s Founding Partner Bai Gang, Senior Partners Huang Hui, Ren Haiyan, Su Liang and Jason Yao attend the inauguration ceremony. The ceremony is presided by Jack Su, the firm’s Senior Partner and Managing Partner of Shanghai Office. Other attendees include partners Cai Xian, Hu Wenming and Cindy Shu Qi ZHEN, as well as senior associates of the firm.

Ribbon cutting at the inauguration ceremony

New Meeting Space