Feng (Janet) Zheng Partner

Personal description

Feng (Janet) Zheng is an Attorney-at-law of Wanhuida. She practices in the areas of intellectual property law with a focus on litigating patent, internet copyright protection, trade secret, and trademark related matters.

Feng has served both multinational and domestic corporations in patent enforcement, patent invalidation proceedings before the Patent Re-examination Board and their subsequent administrative litigations, civil and criminal trade secret cases, copyright infringement and ownership disputes, trademark prosecution and protection, unfair competition disputes and disputes over technology agreements. She also advises clients on matters concerning anti-trust, regulatory and compliance matters.

Feng’s recent work includes:

Representing a foreign SEP patent owner over patent protection matters, including infringement litigation and negotiations;

Representing a well-known American IT company in various patent protection matters, including preparation of series patent infringement litigation;

Representing an Australian medical device company in defending series patent infringement litigations initiated by a Chinese competitor before Shanghai IP Court, and in filing invalidation proceedings against the related patents;

Representing a leading sports wares company in various IPR protection and associated patent invalidity proceedings;

Representing an American medical device company in defending against series patent infringement litigations and against an anti-trust litigation filed by a Chinese competitor before courts in Shenzhen;

Defending a leading Sweden home furnishing retailer in a patent infringement litigation before Guangzhou IP Court and in the associated patent validity dispute;

Representing a European construction company in a patent infringement litigation before Beijing IP Court;

Representing a French company of electronic industry in a patent infringement litigation before court in Shenzhen;

Representing a leading American bio-chemical company in a cluster of litigations against a domestic competitor, including copyright infringement, unfair competition and patent infringement before the courts in Shanghai;

Defending the validity of the core patent of a Japanese company of lighting industry in courts of Beijing;

Representing a leading French home appliance company in several patent infringement (including design patents) litigations before courts in Shenzhen and courts in Zhejiang province;

Advising multinational companies in patent infringement litigations (including design patent) and patent invalidation proceedings, FTO analysis in the fields of mechanics, electronics, chemistry, and pharmaceutical;

Advising multinational companies of chemical and electronic industries in trade secret matters;

Representing multinational companies in trademark prosecution, subsequent administrative litigation and protection in the fields of apparel goods, foods and mechanics; and

Advising clients in anti-trust, compliance, regulatory and service market entry matters.

Feng has rich experiences in serving foreign corporations. She once worked in an industrial organization for IPR protection, focusing on IP policy research and providing services to multinational companies. Prior to joining the firm, she worked in two top PRC law firms respectively as associate and senior associate in the IP field, mainly serving multinational companies.