Sep 28,2023

3rd edition of Trademark Law published

Total word count:1188

The 3rd edition of Trademark Law, which is authored by Dr. Huang Hui, Partner and Management Committee member of Wanhuida Intellectual Property, is published by Law Press.

The 3rd edition features five parts. The first part offers an introduction on the fundamental concepts in China’s Trademark Law, elements that may be registered as trademarks as well as the substantial requirements to invoke trademark protection in the country. The second part focuses on the procedure surrounding the registration, assignment and termination of trademark rights. The third part delves into the exclusive right to use as conferred by a trademark, the limitations thereof and the main remedial approaches. The fourth part delineates the trademark administration and protection over well-known trademarks, collective certification trademarks and geographical indications. The last part provides an overview of international trademark registration procedure, international trademark treaties and trademark legislation overseas.

The updated edition also includes latest Chinese and foreign trademark case laws. The readers could use the case and keyword indexes in the appendix to quickly locate the detailed case briefings.

The 3rd edition, together with the two previous editions, attempt to offer a systematic analysis of the trademark legal principles, regime and utilization in China and beyond.