Sep 22,2023

Wanhuida Partners attend 37th MARQUES Annual Conference

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On Tuesday 19th - Friday 22nd September 2023, the 37th MARQUES Annual Conference is convened in Berlin, Germany.

Themed “In Brands We Trust: The Next Frontier”, the conference features informative and engaging discussion on a plethora of topics like “Piloting Brands: Changing to Stay the Same?”, “Risks and Rewards for Brands in the metaverse”, “Steering Brands in a Time of Crisis”, “Platform Liability – Still the Old Stuff or Do We Have New Rules?”, “In WIPO We Trust, the Next Frontier”, “CJEU and General Court Cases”, among others.

Wanhuida Intellectual Property sends four delegates to the conference. Dr. Huang Hui, Partner and a member of the firm’s Management Committee, along with three other partners Zhu Zhigang, Lei Yongjian and Paul Ranjard.

Dr. Huang attends the “Chinese IP/TM Updates” workshop presented by the MARQUES China Team. Yongjian and Paul attends “What you always wanted to know about GIs but never dared to ask!” workshop presented by the Geographical Indications Team. Zhigang met his fellow team members from the Intellectual Asset Management Team.

Zhu Zhigang, Dr. Huang Hui, Paul Ranjard & Lei Yongjian (L to R)