Oct 20,2023

Wanhuida delegates attend Pharma Forum in Shanghai

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From 18th to 20th October 2023, the 8th IP Forefront Pharma Forum, which is jointly organized by YIP Events, IP ForeFront and Compliance PLUS, is held in Shanghai. The Forum attracts the attendance of around 800 IP practitioners in pharmaceuticals and life sciences field.

The Forum features a one-day Pre-forum Symposium and fully packed two-day program. The Pre-forum Symposium concentrates on a slew of matters, including “Licensing Transaction and IPO of BioPharma”, “Frontier Biotechnology”, “Dissecting the Features of Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADC) Patent and the Patent Portfolio”, “Genetic Resources, Data Compliance, Trade Secret & Anti-Monopoly”, “Innovative Drugs”, “Generic Drugs”, among others.

The two-day program addresses a variety of hot-button issues including “Patent Linkage Regime and its Prospect”, “Generic Drugs v. Innovative Drugs against the Backdrop of the Current Patent Linkage System”, “Protection of Trade Secrets & Granting, Invalidity and Infringement of Pharmaceutical Patent”, “Oversea Patent Developments, Litigation Observation & Pharmaceuticals Going Abroad”.

Wanhuida Intellectual Property sends a five-person delegation to the event. The delegates including the firm’s Partners Tiejun Tang, Minnan (Miranda) Xie and Feng Liu, as well as Senior Associates Dr. Xiaoping Wu and Xiaohui Wu.

Feng Liu, Minnan (Miranda) Xie, Tiejun Tang, Xiaoping Wu & Xiaohui Wu (L to R)