Oct 31,2023

Wanhuida Partner speaks at AI Webinar

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On Tuesday 31st October 2023, the “AI and the Law: Opportunities and Risks” Webinar, which is jointly hosted by Ashfords LLP, Bech-Bruun, Day Pitney and Wanhuida, is held virtually.

The 1-hour webinar covers the current development of AI regulations in the UK, US, China and EU, arguably four of the world’s most important jurisdictions when it comes to AI. The panel explores the motivation to regulate AI, especially in the wake of recent AI techniques such as Generative AI. The experts also discuss the implications of AI in business, including the legal sector.

He Wei, Partner of Wanhuida Intellectual Property, is one of the five panelists. Wei and his fellow panelists have shared interest and confidence in AI and expect that applied AI could further improve in terms of information transparency and reliability.

The Webinar attracts over 100 participants from law firms, corporations and other organisations.