Mar 25,2024

Wanhuida jointly organises brand forum in Shanghai

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On Monday 25th March 2024, the Forum themed “Internationalization of Chinese Brands: Strategies, Challenges, and Opportunities”, which is jointly organised by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center Limited, Wanhuida Intellectual Property and Wanhuida Law Firm Shanghai Office, is convened in Shanghai.

The event aims to provide insights and practical strategies in facilitating the success of Chinese businesses in the international market.

The forum is kicked off with the welcome remarks of Bai Gang, Founding Partner ad Management Committee Chair of Wanhuida Intellectual Property and Xue Ke, Director of Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center.

Bai Gang

Xue Ke

Fan Yun, President of the Shanghai Trademark Association, delivers a keynote speech on "Building Bridges: Promoting Globalization and Cross-Border Cooperation Opportunities for Chinese Brands".

Fan Yun

Etienne Sanz de Acedo, CEO of the International Trademark Association (INTA) delivers a keynote speech titled "Global Brand Strategies: Driving Success for Chinese Enterprises on the International Stage". Mr. Acedo stresses the increasingly important role of brand building in the internationalization of Chinese brands, encouraging a more robust development into global brands.

Etienne Sanz de Acedo

Wan Mei, IP Director of Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center gives a detailed introduction on the offerings of the branding innovation base of Caohejing and the efforts in promoting the localization of foreign intellectual property rights.

Wan Mei

Dong Shirui, IP Director of Xiao-I, creator of China's virtual chatbot technology shares insights on “Trademark Protection in the International Growth of AI Companies”. Ms. Dong speaks in detail the oversea trademark portfolio, trademark enforcement and operation of Xiao-I.

Dong Shirui

Dr. Huang Hui, Partner and Management Committee member of Wanhuida Intellectual Property speaks on "Brand Internationalization from a Legal Perspective: Risk Mitigation and Compliance Strategies".

Huang Hui

The Forum is moderated by Fang Zhou, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Intellectual Property Service Association.

Fang Zhou

The firm’s Partners Ren Haiyan, Li Bin, Liu Bin, Cao Aimin, Li Jie and Zhu Zhigang are also present at the Forum.