Nov 02,2023

Wanhuida Partner attends China-UK IP Symposium in Beijing

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On 2nd November 2023, the 7th China-UK IP Symposium is held in Beijing.

Jointly held by the UKIPO and the CNIPA, the Symposium features four sessions on “Latest Developments of IPR in the UK and China”, “IPR Protection”, “IP Utilisation and Commercialisation”, as well as “Patent, Trademarks and Geographical Indications”.

The CNIPA shares the latest developments of Chinese IP legal regime, new progress in China’s copyright field, as well as updates on Chinese IP protection, commercialization and utilization, Chinese trademark application and practice.

The UKIPO introduces the IP framework in the UK and briefs the audience on a slew of topics including UK IP enforcement, UK patent grant & enforcement system, the GIs protection regime in the UK.

The Symposium provides an opportunity for businesses and IP industry to learn about the most recent legislative and policy changes in the UK and China.

Lei Yongjian, Partner of Wanhuida Intellectual Property and Hu Meili, the firm’s Senior Trademark Counsel attend the event.