Mar 30,2024

Wanhuida Partner speaks at Symposium in Changsha

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On 30th March 2024, the “Judicial Governance over Bad Faith IP Litigation Symposium”, which is jointly organized by the Intellectual Property Law Association of Hunan Provincial Law Society and IP Economy, is held in Changsha.

Ming Xingnan, Partner of Wanhuida Intellectual Property is invited to speak on “Fighting Bad Faith IP Litigation & Focusing on the Root Cause”. Ms. Ming proposes that substantial examination should be conducted in ascertaining the legitimacy and merits of the legal basis, based on which a litigant initiates a proceeding, in particular, whether the trademark right of such litigant is obtained through pre-emptive registration or trademark hoarding. She further observes that the purpose of the litigant should be assessed to determine the presence of bad faith, that is to say, whether an infringement suit is brought for the purpose of enforcing legitimate rights or to serve as a means to gain improper advantage.

Ming Xingnan


The Symposium attracts over 100 delegates from the academia, judiciary, businesses and the wider IP community.