Oct 15,2020

Wanhuida Partner Addresses Patent Infringement Analysis Salon

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On 15th October 2020, under the auspices of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), Guangzhou Development Zone, the “Patent Infringement Determination Analysis and Enforcement Practice Salon”, which is jointly organized by Wanhuida Intellectual Property, EHang Smart Equipment (Guangzhou) Ltd. and the Intellectual Property Service Federation of Guangzhou Development Zone, is held in Guangzhou.


The Salon is moderated by Vice Secretary General Wu Shifa of the Federation. Luo Yu, Deputy Section Chief of IPO Enforcement Section gives a welcome address.


Wanhuida Partner Shuhua (Mark) Zhang delivers a keynote speech, preparing the floor on the features and patterns of patent enforcement, sharing takeaways on patent enforcement and answering questions on patent infringement raised by the attendees.


The firm’s Partner Xie Minnan and Senior Legal Counsel Chen Beiyin also attend the Salon.

Shuhua (Mark) Zhang giving a keynote speech