Sep 24,2020

Wanhuida Partners Speak at TECC Shanghai event

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In the afternoon of 24th September 2020, the “Symposium on the Hotspot and Intricate Matters in the Practice of Trademark Law and Anti-Unfair Competition Law”, which is co-hosted by the Shanghai Trademark Association (STA) and Beijing Justra Intellectual Property Center (Justra), jointly organized by the Trademark Examination Cooperation Center (TECC) Shanghai, Quality Brands Protection Committee China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC), Oriental Intellectual Property Club (OIPC) and Wanhuida Intellectual Property (Wanhuida), is held at the TECC Shanghai premises.

Shen Yu, Associate Director of TECC Shanghai gives an opening speech. STA Vice President and Secretary General Lin Haihan and Justra Director Wang Ze deliver welcome speech.


The Symposium features two panels, the Trademark Law Practice Panel and the Anti-Unfair Competition Law Practice Panel.


The Trademark Law Practice Panel is moderated by Associate Director Shen Yu. TECC Section Heads Lai Ying, Sun Yan and Sheng Mao speak on “Proactively fighting bad-faith registration in trademark examination procedure”, “Overview and Analysis of Trademark Opposition Landscape” and “Combating bad faith registration in trademark review procedure”.


Dr. Huang Hui, Partner and Management Committee Member at Wanhuida Intellectual Property speaks on the “Judicial remedial approaches to fight against bad faith trademark registration”.

Dr. Huang Hui

The Anti-Unfair Competition Law Practice Panel is moderated by Chen Zhen, Vice Chair, QBPC Legal Committee. Wang Jiangqiao, Vice President, Hangzhou Internet Court makes an address on “Data Ownership and Judicial Protection”. Li Xiaomeng, Director of Anti-monopoly Office, Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation shares the administrative enforcement practice since the entry-into-force of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law. Liu Yonggang, Senior IP Manager, Emerson Electric speaks on “Anti-unfair Competition: Conundrum and Challenge of the Business Community”.


Jack Su, the firm’s Partner and Management Committee Member makes an address on “Damages in Civil Proceeding involving Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Acts”.

Jack Su

The Symposium is concluded by Dr. Yuan Zhenfu, Associate Dean of the School of Intellectual Property Shanghai University and OIPC Secretary General.