Feb 14,2022

Wanhuida partner speaks at MARQUES webinar

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On Monday 14th February 2022, MARQUES webinar, titled “Sweet Valentine: But does your specification need a makeover?”, which is organised by the MARQUES Education Team, is held virtually. The event features thought-provoking discussion regarding bad faith principles and practices in the EU, US and China, offering the audience guidance for applicants on pitfalls to be avoided when drafting specifications.

The Webinar is moderated by Member of MARQUES Council, Shane Smyth, FR Kelly, Ireland, featuring speakers including Guido Donath, Donath-Law, Austria; Michael Grow, Arent Fox LLP, USA; and Zhigang Zhu, Wanhuida Intellectual Property, China.

Zhigang Zhu, Partner of Wanhuida Intellectual Property gives the audience a systematic introduction on China’s regime of classification of goods and services, ascertaining of the nomenclature of non-standard goods and services, as well as the interpretation and application of Article 4 of China’s Trademark Law.