Dec 06,2020

Wanhuida Partners attend CNIPA Symposium at CTF 2020

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On 6thDecember 2020, the“Symposium for Soliciting Opinions on the Criteria for Ascertaining Ordinary Trademark Offences”(the Symposium), which is organized by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, is held in Nanchang.


The Symposium is moderated by Wu Dongping, CTA Associate Secretary General. Wanhuida Intellectual Property Partners Dr. Huang Hui and He Wei attend the Symposium in the capacity of project team member. He Wei and fellow member Huang Pulin, Associate Director of Legislative Affairs Commission, Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Wuzhou, Jiangxi prepare the floor on the matters stakeholders encounter in the enforcement against ordinary trademark offences. Other project team members also share their insights on the criteria.


Wang Zhichao, Chief, Enforcement Guidance Section, IPR Protection Department, CNIPA thanks the input of the attendees and Dr. Huang Hui give a summary of the progress made by the project team and the next stage objectives.


Cao Hongying, Vice Head, IPR Protection Department, CNIPA is also present.