Dec 03,2020

Wanhuida Partners speak at Chambers Webinar

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On 3rd December 2020,“Chambers Webinar: Opportunities & Challenges following China’s Patent Law Amendment with Wanhuida Intellectual Property”, which is jointly launched by Chambers & Partners and Wanhuida Intellectual Property, is held.


During the session, Dennis Li, Editor of Chambers Greater China Region is joined by the firm’s Partners Shuhua Zhang and Xiaoling Duan to address key issues on patent enforcement and license and to offer practical tips on how to better protect innovations for patents in China by sharing highlights and examples from recent patent practice.


The webinar features discussion on“Patent enforcement”,“Abuse of patent”,“Patent license”,“How to better protect your innovations for patents in China (patent linkage in pharmaceuticals, patents for designs and more)”and“Highlight from recent patent practice in China”. Followed by a live Q&A session, the webinar is well attended by stakeholders from the business and IP circle.