Nov 30,2020

Trademark & Unfair Competition Cases in China to be published

Total word count:996

The“Trademark & Unfair Competition Cases in China”, which is authored by Dr.Huang Hui, Partner and Management Committee Member of Wanhuida Intellectual Property, is set to be published by Intellectual Property Publishing House in January 2021.

The “Trademark & Unfair Competition Cases in China”selects a total of 449 trademark and unfair competition cases that have been included in the annual guiding cases, annual 10/50 exemplary cases, gazette cases and innovative cases by the Supreme People’s Court since 1988, along with 13 cases that are released by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and 193 cases selected by the author based on their legal significance.

Based on the articles of laws applied by the court or procuratorate in adjudicating the matter, the aforesaid cases are categorized under the clauses of the Trademark Law and Anti-Unfair Competition Law, accompanied with case briefings, quotes of the most pertinent part of the decision and incisive and yet succinct comments of the author.

The innovative methodology of categorization would conveniently direct the readers to the cases of their interest and the reference of correlative cases.