Nov 26,2020

Wanhuida launches two new books at 2020 China Trademark Festival

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The China Trademark Festival (CTF) 2020, which is organized by the China Trademark Association (CTA), is convened in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on December 4-7, 2020. Wanhuida Intellectual Property launches two new books: “China Intellectual Property Law Manual 2020 (Supplement)” and “2020 Wanhuida Editor’s Selections on IPR Practice” at the CTF.


“China Intellectual Property Law Manual 2020 (Supplement)” is an expanded version of the Legislation Chapter of the firm’s “China Intellectual Property Law – Text, Cases, and Materials (2019)”. The Supplement includes the newly revised and/or promulgated laws, judicial interpretations and regulatory documents released within the last year or so by the central and regional governments that are projected to make an impact on China’s intellectual property regime, some legal documents that are frequently used in practice, among others.

“2020 Wanhuida Editor’s Selections on IPR Practice” is the fourth edition of the firm’s Editor’s Selections on IPR Practice, which was first launched in 2017. Editor’s Selection cherry-picks the articles and/or speeches of the firm’s lawyers and practitioner on latest legislative and practice trend, reflection on best practice, comparative study of China and western nations on intellectual property legislation and case law, as well as the insights of in-house counsels or academia on intellectual property practice.