Mar 17,2023

Wanhuida Partner speaks at CIS-Asia 2023 in Tianjin

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From 16th to 17th March 2023, the 12th Annual ChemPharma International Summit - Asia (CIS-Asia), which is jointly organized by Best Media and the Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, is convened in Tianjin.

The Summit features a general assembly and 12 panels pertaining to a slew of issues including discovery of new drugs, development of new APIs, design of new drug preparations, analysing methods of new drugs, regulatory and supervisory requirements over new drugs, clinical trial of new drugs, preparation process of generics, development of new and complicated injections, R&D of transdermal delivery of drugs, and so forth. The Summit attracts a total of 140+ speakers and 1,500+ participants all over the country.

Hu Honghui, Partner of Wanhuida Intellectual Property speaks on “Supplementing Experimental Data in the Granting and Invalidity Procedure of Pharmaceutical Patents” at the Generic Drug Patent Research & Analysis Panel. By statistically analysing the supplementation of experimental data practice in the last two years, Honghui offers pharmaceutical corporations pertinent takeaways in this regard.

Hu Honghui speaking at the summit

The firm’s Partner Wang Rui and Associate Li Jianhui also attend the event.

Hu Honghui, Wang Rui & Li Jianhui (left to right)