Dec 12,2018

Wanhuida Peksung Attends Brand Innovation Summit in Wenzhou

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On 12th December 2018, under the auspices of Wenzhou Market Supervision Administration, the “Brand Innovation Development Summit of Private Businesses” is held in Wenzhou.

The Wenzhou Brand Advisory Council is inaugurated at the opening ceremony of the Summit. Wanhuida Peksung Partner Hu Wenming and Of Counsel Yuan Zhenfu are listed as members of the advisory council.

Professor Yuan Zhenfu later gives a keynote speech on “Strategizing Brand Development and Trademark Portfolio” and speaks on the “Brand Innovation Path of the Wenzhou Private Businesses in the New Context” at the roundtable.

The firm’s IP Counsel Yan Yidong and Trademark Paralegal He Yaxiong also attend the Summit.

Hu Wenming (7th from left) & Yuan Zhenfu (9th from left)

Yuan Zhenfu (Keynote speech)

Yuan Zhenfu (Roundtable, first from right)