Dec 09,2018

Wanhuida Shines at ACLA Annual Conference in Nanning

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From 7th to 9th December 2018, the “Seminar on Intellectual Property Law & Practice in China - ACLA Intellectual Property Committee Annual Conference 2018” (the Seminar), which is jointly organised by the Intellectual Property Committee, All China Lawyers Association (ACLA) and Guangxi Lawyers Association, is convened in Nanning.

The Seminar features diversified sub-forums, discussing matters pertaining to “Copyright Law and Entertainment Law”, “Patent”, “Trademark”, “Competition Law” and “Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

In the evening of 8th December, the ACLA Intellectual Property Committee releases the winners of the “Top 10 IPR Cases”, “Top 10 Thesis”, “Outstanding Thesis” and “Annual Treatise of the Year”.

Wanhuida wins multiple accolades at the Seminar. The firm’s “Xinhua Dictionary” case is listed as one of the “Top 10 IPR Cases”. The works and thesis Wanhuida Of Counsel and Associate authors/co-authors are listed as “Outstanding Thesis” and “Annual Treatise of the Year”.

Wanhuida Senior Partner Jack Su, Partner Eric Chen, Senior Associate Sisi Liang, Associate Minfeng Yang and Of Counsel Xu Jiansheng (Ron) attend the Seminar.

From left to right, Minfeng Yang, Jack Su, Sisi Liang & Eric Chen

Winners of “Top 10 IPR Cases” (Minfeng Yang, third from right)

Winners of “Annual Treatise of the Year” (Ron Xu, third from left, Minfeng Yang, fourth from left)

Winners of “Outstanding Thesis” (Minfeng Yang, third from right, Ron Xu, fifth from right)

In the afternoon of 9th December, Ron Xu and James Luo moderate the German Reception and Salon. The salon features keynote speeches of Germany attorneys addressing matters including “Recent Developments in the Protection of Trade and Industrial Secrets” and “Sino-Germany Cross Border IPR Infringement Dispute Practice”.

The Seminar attracts hundreds of attendees from universities, courts, business, law firms and IP organisations, as well as IP practitioners from the ASEAN member states.