Trademark practice has been our traditional strength since the firm’s creation. In this area, we are known to clients and peers for our stellar credentials on trademark laws and regulations. Our top-notch practice team has generated a record of firsts and landmark cases in the nation’s trademark prosecution and litigation history. We also made frequent contributions to the development of trademark laws in China.


Our landmark cases include:

· the “first registration of a color combination trademark”

· the “first exhibition priority application” with the China Trademark Office

· the “first well-known trademark status to an unregistered trademark” by court

· the “first infringement court decision against a distributor of parallel imports”

· the “first court’s decision on infringement of a registered 3D trademark”

· the first Court decision in which China's court confirms that pure color combination, before it is registered as a trademark, may be protected as "trade dress" under the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and more recently

· the “first criminal ruling on geographical indication collective trademark” and the “first court decision that granting GI collective trademark ‘Bordeaux in Latin & Chinese’ judicial protection in China”.


Our trademark practice is actively exploring frontier matters such as parallel import, fair use, co-existence, liability of online trading platform, super well-known trademark status, character merchandising and conflicts of rights.