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The Wanhuida Intellectual Property began with Beijing Wan Hui Da Intellectual Property Agency (Wan Hui Da), which was established in 1999, with its head office in Beijing. For growing professionals and for meeting clients’ growing service needs, some core members of the Wan Hui Da team who were licensed to practice law left Wan Hui Da and created Beijing Wan Hui Da Law Firm. Because of their history and their providing different aspects of services for their shared clients, Beijing Wan Hui Da Intellectual Property Agency and Beijing Wan Hui Da Law Firm, in spite of their independent legal status, share the brand name and commercial reputation of Wan Hui Da. Their cooperative development under joint leadership of core teams of both organizations resulted in a united Wanhuida intellectual property service that is more comprehensive, professional, and potent. Wanhuida is now home for some 450 employees working exclusively in the field of intellectual property. We have some 120 IP lawyers specialized in IP litigation and enforcement work, 90 trademark attorneys, 70 patent attorneys and other professionals, including investigators and supporting staff. Many of them are recognized leaders in their respective fields. They have a wide range of experiences from private practice, in-house counseling, to government services in courts, police departments and administrative agencies. Our professionals have broad as well as in-depth experience. Over the years, they have accumulatively litigated over thousands of IP cases in courts all over China, prosecuted tens of thousands of patent applications, and filed hundreds of thousands of trademark registrations. Many of the cases are first of its kind. They are recognized by industries, courts and administrative agencies as exemplary cases for their legal significance. Over 30 of our cases have been reported in the Supreme People’s Court (“SPC”) Gazette or selected by SPC for its annual 10/50 exemplary cases. We serve clients worldwide, China, Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries. Our clients spread across a broad spectrum of industries, consumer goods, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, mechanical, electronics and telecommunications. Our clientele grows steadily over the years. Client trust is a hallmark of Wanhuida services. Their loyal business and generous referrals are the single most important factor contributing to our continued growth.

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Trademark practice has been our traditional strength since the firm’s creation.



In the patent area, we have some 120 professionals with experience in patent litigation, prosecution and counselling.



Our reputation in copyright area is on the rise. We are developing top copyright practitioners.



We are at the leading edge of litigations.



Administrative enforcement is an important component of Chinese IP protection.



We advise our clients over a broad range of IP matters.


Investigation and Evidence

Obtaining evidence for enforcement is often a challenge in China.