In the patent area, we have some 120 professionals with experience in patent litigation, prosecution and counselling. Many have over ten years of experiences. Some have experience working for Chinese courts, China’s patent office and the Patent Re-examination Board, and some also worked for industries and research institutions before joining private practice. The diverse backgrounds add our strength in understanding our clients and the Chinese system and in delivering services to our clients effectively.


Our patent attorneys cover substantially all technical fields, including chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, material science, medical device, metallurgy, physics, electronics, software, telecommunication and mechanical engineering. Most of them have advanced technical education and obtained their doctorate and master degrees in the best universities in China.


Some of our patent cases are selected by courts or agencies as exemplary cases. They include cases selected as “Guiding Cases of the Supreme People’s Court on IPR Trial”, “Annual Report of the Supreme People’s Court on Intellectual Property Cases”, “Top 10/50 IPR Cases of the Chinese Courts” (released annually by the Supreme People Court), or “10 Exemplary Cases of the Patent Reexamination Board” (“PRB”). These cases have contributed to patent law development in subjects such as claim construction, claim amendment, inventiveness determination and sufficient disclosure.