Bai Huasheng Partner

Personal description

Huasheng BAI is a Partner at the firm’s Beijing office. He is a patent attorney admitted to practice since 2006 with his technical expertise focusing on mechanical engineering.

Huasheng has served both multinational and domestic corporations in patent infringement litigations, patent invalidation cases and their subsequent administrative litigations, patent administrative enforcement, before courts at all levels and patent administrative organs such as CNIPA (“China National Intellectual Property Administration”) and local patent offices. He also advises foreign and domestic clients on patent matters such as drafting, infringement, stability and free-to-operate.  Frequently, he attends oral hearings of clients’ complex patent cases before courts and CINIPA.

Huasheng has rich paten experience in patent in-house.  He worked for Foxconn Group as a patent engineer, mainly engaging in drafting CN, US and TW patent application documents and office action responses and conducting free-to-operate analyses and the like.

A select list of Huasheng’s recent work includes:

Representing a foreign patent owner in a serial of patent infringement, invalidation and subsequent administrative proceedings involving the owner’s one key Chinese patent family and collectively lasting for ten years;  and successfully defending the owner’s foreign market
Representing a foreign patent owner in patent infringement and invalidation proceedings before CNIPA and IP tribunal of Supreme Court of China
Representing a domestic client in a patent invalidation proceeding to successfully invalidate an opposite party’s patent before CNIPA and defuse a patent threat

A select list of publications Huasheng authors or co-authors in 2019 includes:

“Discussion on Importance of Overall Consideration of Prior Art in Inventiveness Evaluation”
“Discussion on Importance of Patent Specification in Claim Construction”
“Intrinsic Evidence Preceding Extrinsic Evidence in Claim Construction”

Membership & Qualification

All-China Patent Attorneys Association (ACPAA)

Education and Professional Training

Bsc in Engineering, Hankou Campus of Huazhong Science and Technology University