In the nearly two decades past, we are blessed with great opportunities in the fast growing Chinese economy. It is an exciting time for IP firms in China. The need of IP services is skyrocketing. There are numerous virgin grounds to be explored. Opportunities for IP professionals are unprecedented. Devoted firms will be rewarded.

Wanhuida is one of the devoted firms to the Chinese market. We were fortunate to start at a time when IP began to play an important role in Chinese economy. The overhaul of IP laws for WTO compliance at the beginning of our business also allowed us to start at the forefront of China’s legal development. We have remained there since.

The Chinese market is extremely dynamic. Change is constant in all aspects. We attribute our past success to a mix of our expertise in law and practical approaches to client needs.

We understand the law and its context through years of study and practice. We also actively participate in the policy process for the development of laws. Since its creation, the firm has been closely associated with the legislative progress of Chinese IP laws and regulations. It continues to play an active role in the improvement of the Chinese legal and regulatory environment. We are involved in the processes for revising the trademark law, patent law, copyright law, anti-unfair competition law, and relevant judicial interpretations through submission of our comments to draft laws and organizing platforms for discussion and communicating with authorities responsible for policy development.

We are not scholars of law but its practitioners with practical legal issues in mind. Our active involvement in policy and law developments gives us good sense on the direction of the laws and equips our professionals with insights that can be critical for protecting the interests of our clients. We also have the pulse on the application of the law in context through thousands of cases before courts and administrative agencies.

We believe this mix of legal expertise and result-oriented practical approach has been critical to our past success and is the constant among the dynamic changes we will keep as we launch into the future.