Apr 25,2024

Wanhuida Associate lectures on AIGC in Shanghai

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On 25th April 2024, upon the invitation of the Copyright Service Center of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Zhang Xiaoquan, Associate of Wanhuida Intellectual Property lectures in “Routes for Protecting Artificial Intelligence Generated Content”.

Mr. Zhang firstly prepares the floor on the technical principle of AIGC, elaborating on the process as to how AIGC identifies, learns, analyses and generates images. He then compares the difference of the Chinese and US methodology in ascertaining copyrightability of AIGC and shares his perspective toward the originality assessment of AIGC from a case law perspective. The lecture is concluded with takeaways over the strategy on how to build a sound intellectual property portfolio surrounding AIGC.

The lecture is well-received by corporate attendees.

Zhang Xiaoquan