Nov 18,2020

Wanhuida Partner Speaks at INTA Workshop during 2020 INTA AM

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On 18thNovember 2020, theINTA Bad-Faith Workshop: From Defenses to Damagesis held from 7:00 pm–9:30 pm. The Workshop shares the latest developments in China’s judiciary and administrative authorities and offers stakeholders valuable tips on identifying, implementing, and budgeting for their IP protection strategy.

The Workshop discusses the following topics:

  • How to Determine and Regulate Bad-Faith Applications in Trademark Registrations;
  • Strategic Defense Against Bad-Faith Trademark Registrations in Malicious Lawsuits; and
  • Bad-Faith and Damage Awards in Trademark Infringements

Jason Yao, Partner and Management Committee Member of Wanhuida Intellectual Property speaks on“Best practices from the procedural perspective, contrasting with courts in the United States or Europe that may invalidate marks in a counterclaim”at the“Strategic Defense Against Bad-Faith Trademark Registrations in Malicious Lawsuits”session.

Fellow panelists Dashuang Liu from Xiaomi Inc. and Jing Yan, Senior Judge, Supreme People’s Court speaks on“Whether the legal and investigation costs incurred by victims in pursuing oppositions and invalidations should be compensable”and“Whether the mere filing of bad-faith trademark applications represents a ‘civil act,’ and pursuit of tortious liability is an appropriate course of action”.

The session is moderated by Baoqing Zang, then-Deputy Secretary General, China Trademark Association.