May 14,2021

Wanhuida Partners lecture at training program in Shenzhen

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On 14th May 2021, the “Trademark Infringement Disputes Resolution & Mediation Practice” training program, which is jointly organized by China (Shenzhen) IPR Protection Center and Shenzhen Intellectual Property Dispute Mediation Research & Training Camp, endorsed by Beijing JUSTRA Intellectual Property Center (JUSTRA), is held in Shenzhen.


The program is presided by Assistant Director Deng Kefeng of China (Shenzhen) IPR Protection Center and JUSTRA Vice President Wang Ze.


The program aims to promote the trademark enforcement and litigation capacity of Shenzhen corporations and raise awareness of intellectual property mediation in Shenzhen.


The program features two sessions: “Trademark Infringement Disputes Resolution” and “Intellectual Property Mediation Practice”. Dr. Huang Hui and Jason Yao, Partners and Management Committee Members of Wanhuida Intellectual Property, speak on “Impact of Stopping Bad-faith Trademark Filing on Trademark Infringers” and “Punitive Damages in Intellectual Property Civil Proceeding”. Ms. Li Yihong, ex- presiding judge of the Intellectual Property Tribunal of Wuhan Intermediate Court give the attendees a mediate 101 training lecture.

Dr. Huang Hui & Jason Yao (2nd and 1st from right, first row)

The training program caters to the representatives from local mediation organisations, businesses, corporations, as well as industry associations.