Sep 04,2023

Wanhuida Partner speaks at SinoSwiss event in Chongqing

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On 4th September 2023, the 2023 Smart China Expo (SCE), themed “Pooling Together Wisdom and Strength”, is unveiled in Chongqing. As part of the SCE theme events, the 2023 SinoSwiss Technopark International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest (Contest) is also held.

Duan Xiaoling, Partner of Wanhuida Intellectual Property, gives a lecture to the finalist projects of the 2023 Contest and the winning projects of the 2022 Contest. Ms. Duan speaks on “Protection of Technological Innovations in China”, sharing her insights on how to leverage intellectual property rights in protecting technical innovations and managing risks.

As an annual international innovation and entrepreneurship contest in Chongqing, the contest has become part of the SCE since 2020 and has attracted over 600 AI-related projects and innovative businesses worldwide.

Jointly organized by SinoSwiss Technopark (SSTP) and Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Brand Helpdesk, the lecture is well attended by 20+ finalist projects in the field of smart manufacturing and biopharma from a variety of countries and regions including Switzerland, France, Malaysia and China. Wanhuida Chongqing Office provides professional support to the helpdesk as its cooperative partner.

Xiang Junlin, Senior Associate at Wanhuida Chongqing Office also attend the event.

Duan Xiaoling

Raphael ZUMSTEG-YUAN, President & National Vice-Chairman, Legal Manager & Assistant to Group CEO, SinoSwiss Technopark (SSTP) is also present.

Duan Xiaoling (L1), Raphael ZUMSTEG-YUAN (M) and Xiang Junlin (R1)